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WORLD TEAM is the largest multi-national sports team ever united to pursue a common goal . . .

400-way – World Record Largest Freefall Formation – Udon Thani, Thailand

World Team is a highly accomplished international skydiving team comprised of world class athletes, professional camera flyers, skilled pilots, and support personnel – all with a passion for excellence. In 1994, World Team united the big-way community, and has since organized and set multiple world records. This includes the 400-way built in Udon Thani, Thailand, which is the current FAI World Record for the Largest Freefall Formation. World Team draws its strength from the steadfast collaboration among its exceptional team leaders and the stellar performance by its team members.

In conjunction with its sporting achievements, World Team strives to develop strong cultural bonds with its host-nations. Due to the extensive global diversity among World Team members, and through these members’ appreciation for the traditional cultures of others, World Team embraces the citizens and local culture wherever it assembles.

For team members and its host-nation partners, World Team projects have proven to be much more than just another world record. It is the melding of talent, technology, and tradition that enables each World Team project to truly become greater than the sum of its parts. It is this worldly cohesiveness, this magical synergy, that allows World Team to consistently achieve its challenging goals.

Future Challenges

It has been World Team's desire to continue to provide opportunities for the big-way community to experience the thrill and rewards of achieving big-way records. In today's world, however, the practicality of partnering with national governments to gain access to the aircraft required to set new large formation world records has become unpredictable, at best. For several years, big-way record events have been planned, postponed, and cancelled due to a variety of factors - the greatest being that governments have national responsibilities that far outweigh supporting air sports. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

With this reality in mind, however, World Team has committed to raising the big-way bar on a new frontier . . . at a venue where all required event elements can be controlled by operators within our sport. World Team's next project will be:

World's Largest Sequential Dive: 2-point 222-way

Fly It Forward
Skydive Arizona
6-12 April 2013

For more information about this challenging new event, please visit the World Team Blog

Blue Skies,

BJ and Bobbie Worth